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実力確認テスト<問題>    解答へ
【 高1生用 VOL.1 】〜制限時間5分〜
1.What do you suppose that woman is ? <和訳せよ>
〔                                         〕
2.You shall have this camera. <和訳せよ>
〔                                         〕
3.It is impossible to tell what may happen next. 
           <同意になるよう、(  )に適語を入れよ>
 =There is (             )(             ) what may happen next.
4.I couldn't go out owing to the heavy snow. 
           <同意になるよう、(  )に適語を入れよ>
 =The heavy snow (             ) me (            ) going out.
5.I made him go there at once. <受動態にせよ>
【 高1生用 VOL.2 】〜制限時間5分〜
1.He had his wallet stolen in the bus. <和訳せよ>
〔                                         〕
2.They ought to have arrived there by now. <和訳せよ>
〔                                         〕
3.That is the girl (           ) I thought was Betty's sister.
4.Anybody was not disappointed at the news.

5.Many a (doctor・doctors) (think・thinks) so. <正しいのを○で囲め>

【 高2生用 VOL.1 】〜制限時間5分〜
1.Bill is (tallest・the tallest・the taller) of the two.
2.There was no one but had tears in his eyes. <和訳せよ>
〔                                          〕
3.Her astonishment was such that she nearly fainted. 
4.I feel like drinking something cold.
          <同意になるよう、(  )に適語を入れよ>
=I feel (             )(             ) drink something cold.
5.An honest man would not do such a thing. <和訳せよ>
〔                                          〕
【 高2生用 VOL.2 】〜制限時間5分〜
1.Come what may, I will not change my mind. <和訳せよ>
〔                                          〕
2.Tomoko loves him none the less for his faults. <和訳せよ>
〔                                          〕
3.I'll give it to (whoever・whomever・whichever・that) comes first.
4.The building of which pointed roof you can see over there is the church.
  <間違いを正せ> (pointed:先の尖った)
〔         →          〕
5.I am sorry that I didn't study German harder while young.